JUST Curiousity....

I know someone previously posted a story (I don't remember who) about having to go to a Valentine's dinner thing cause it was mandatory for their marine... so why are these type of things made mandatory?

Bob was gonna come up this weekend (which yes is out of bounds, besides the point) but I guess it's his Lt, or somebody higher, is throwing a BBQ on Saturday that Bob has to attend, well at least make an appearence at so he can't come up. 

Either way it doesn't matter I'm gonna go down there instead, but I was just curious cause I find it kinda funny this stuff is mandatory. 

Any insights??

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2009

HAHAHAHA Yeah I just talked to Bob again, he said it isn't as so much that its mandatory but that his Lt is as nosey as I can be and would ask a million questions as to where Bob is and probably end up finding out that he's out of bounds.... He said he's an ugly dude version of me when it comes to questions, LOL!

his ssgt said he was going to take freakin roll! how 3rd grade!!!

lol i mean shanes shop must of spent a lot of money on that stupid vday thing... there was 2 jump castles, poney rides, a live band & an *** of food... & we only stayed for like 15 mins long enough so shanes gunny could see he was there!<br />
<br />
i might of stayed longer if they would of let me on the poney or in the jump castle lololol

it was me! yeah i think the only reason they do that is because that dont want to spend money on all that stuff & then no one show up! lol because i know we wouldnt of gone if it hadnt been!