Generation Kill

i saw yall talking about it on my other story, and had to google it, its based on a book glad you ladies mentioned it, it looks really good ... i wanna get the book and the mini-series on dvd ....

and for those that havent seen the show on HBO



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3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

You will like it and it is addicting. Its a long one thou! I think I watched chapters 1 - 3 and it was like 4 hours+ to see it all. Good thing for pause is all i can say!

I LOOOVVEEEE generation Kill. Awesome mini series. Liked the dvds of the mini series over the book. (My imagination tends to make things worse than they are lol)<br />
but regardless. its awesome. lol. when I watch it, I pick out personalities of guys from andrews unit and match them up to the generation kill character most like them lol!!!

oooh looks good!!