I Think Were Being Infiltrated

seriously, so many stories lately seem so fradulent ... why would someone want to infiltrate us?? i mean, i know were the hottest thing on ep, but seriously? wtf?

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6 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Still cracking up over here......I love you girls! Man sisters you wont believe this mess up. When I had the chance of seeing and ummmmmm playing with the blues I f***ing missed it. You all know the story so I dont need to remind you but darn it I always had that fantasy...LOL! Goes way back like 20 years to this hot *** ********. If I knew then what I know now I definately would have taken the opportunity right then and there...LOL!

yeah i saw that **** too! then i checked back later & it was gone!!!

hahahaha!!!!!!!! <br />
"take it to the army group...."<br />
******* awesome kali :)

LOL nice, way to bust out the lil wayne lyrics

we are pretty frickin amazing :D lol

lol because people want to BE us! duhh