Obamas Address to Congress Last Night

anyone watch it? inspired? pissed off? what did yall think? i found it refreshingly odd to see BOTH sides of congress standing and clapping repeatedly, idk if yall ever watched this stuff before but generally if its a democrat speaking, only one side of congress will stand and clap (the democratic side) and the same thing goes for if a republican is speaking ... also, i have NEVER seen bush or anyone else be bombarded upon exit by congressmen seeking his AUTOGRAPH! wth?!?! another side note .. michelle obama looked absolutely stunning, not so much what she wore BUT HER FACE!! she looked the most gorgeous i have ever seen her! first lady looks good on her!! lol

Hes going to give a speech regarding his plans for iraq, and the military on friday, i suggest we all listen up for that one, as it effects us all around hurrr

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

word. I plan on watching that. <BR>what time is it on and what channel???<BR>I agree though. I found it a nice change to see BOTH parties uniting for once. Regardless of political viewpoint, people need to start agreeing to disagree and get **** taken care of.