Check Out This Site!

OMG This is so cool! 

You enter where you want to drive from/to, the type of car and it estimates how much it will cost you! I love this! What an awesome way to compare what's cheapest for traveling!!! (Larissa, now you'll know how much you'll need for gas!!!)


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5 Responses Feb 25, 2009

lol omg i will never drive across tx again! it was the worst like 12 hours of my life lolol

Yeah, unfortunately to fly from Philly to near LeJeune is about $140 one-way, driving is only $35. But I have to admit, the 1.5 hour trip is much more appeasing sounding than the 8 hour drive.... wish I wasn't broke!

HA that's frickin awesome!!! I'm actually driving down to LeJeune on Friday. I drove before but its been awhile so I kinda forget about how much it costs and last time I went down, Bob drove his car and I have no idea what size his tank is, but I know we stopped twice each way - now if only it calculated your tolls too!

lol this is very true!

sweet! now if i only had some place to go! lol