Octomom & **** -- Would You Do It?

So you ALL know about octomom -- well apparently her mother's house is also in foreclosure and they're about 23,000 behind in mortgage payments... so they re baout to get evicted and basically the hospital will probably not release the octuplets to her bc she doesn't really have any means to support them. Her living conditions are unfit for any premature baby more or less 8! Specially if she ll become homeless (I m sure she s already made 23,000 in appearances). Also, it has all been confirmed now that she has had extensive plastic surgery and she had her breasts done as soon as she graduated from high school! She also has an obsession with Angelina Jolie (guys she wants to be a STAR!!!!) SO NOW THE QUESTION... Vivid Entertainment a **** company (one of the most sucessful ones... Jenna Jameson's former one/ she was part owner/founder) has offered Octomom 1 million dollars to star in her own ****! AND if she becomes a contract girl (does a certain number of ****** a year) they will give her and her babies free and full medical and dental coverage! Would you do it? medical insurance is not easy to come by... 3 of her kids are alreadt disabled and I m sure some of these babies will have some problems too... WHAT WOULD YOU DO? My ANS: If I were obsessed with babies and moviestars and what not and I had all these kids to take care of and no way to do it hell yea I d be a **** star!!! LOL but of course she won't do that it won't fit in with the image of herself she s trying to mold! Also that guy who has been on TV who claims he's the father of the children... she says HE S NOT!!!!!!!!! He sounded as nutty as her!!!! AND SIDE NOTE!!! They say Rihanna is preggers!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA THE DRAMA!!!!
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5 Responses Feb 25, 2009

im scared of having kids so having eight would scare the holy crap out of me

man i already saw it and believe me once was a flipping enough. Good God! I have already heard that move past it comment too many times already.

OH for the love of God! I mean really AND she still has more frozen and it planning on using them instead of "wasting" them. That whole family are all looking like nuts. Poor Kids is all i have to say!

I dont care as long as she goes away because i am tired of hearing about it and all the fuss. I just left the room when she and her mom started arguing. She is just NUTS all the way around. OH and that guy is one she dated before and he is probably doing the same freaking thing she is and that is looking for a hand out and attention!

lol if i was her hell yeah... what else does she have to lose really isnt like people think she is a saint as it is!