ALMOST Home!!!!!!!

Okay so its been awhile. My life is going pretty good right now. My grandmothers cancer has gone into remission!! I was so happy when i found that out. I recently went on a trip to see Anthonys mother for awhile. Ive also been getting things ready for our wedding. And the best news is for last. Anthony will be home in less than two weeks now. Im so excited that i cant even see straight but upset at the same time because i havent been to talk to him much because hes been really busy. But im hanging in there. I am trying to throw a small homecoming party with just us and his family. and like 2 of his close friends. I cant wait

LovingMyMarine09 LovingMyMarine09
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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

Yeah im like super excited. He called this morning and I could tell he's ready to come home. Ill be sure to tell her that :)