Trouble With Friends

Ok so lately my friends have been causing a lot of stress in my life.  Almost all of them except for 1 or 2 do not support me staying with Michael through all of this.  They keep trying to set me up with other guys and its just not cool.  They dont like me waiting here for him.  I am still living my life without him here just staying true to him.  Well the one is a guy who is a really good friend of mine and lately he has been the worst.  He's been telling me that I am worthless and that Michael will not want me when he comes home and that I wont be good enough for him.  It really hurts to have my friends saying this kind of stuff.  I just want so desperately for them to understand exactly why I am staying faithful to Michael and staying with him.  They dont think that we can feel so strongly about eachother when we are so far apart.  I know how we feel about eachother and so does he.  I just wish I had some more support.  This group is helping though!  I just keep trying to think 'this too shall pass' but everyday it seems like someone comes up with a new reason to leave him!  I am just not sure what to do right now.

I really just need some advice on maybe what I could say to them and how to explain it to them better.  I really appreciate it ladies!!!

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your welcome! anytime you need some advice im always here!

yes you did! I'm glad I did! It was really helpful!!!

Thanks ladies this is actually really helpful. I will be using all of this most deffinately! Dumping my friends wouldnt be the end of the world just hard. I know some I could live without but others its like omg. haha no other way to put it! You guys are such a great support system!<br />
Special thanks to alwaysfaithful4! I think your advice was the most helpful! you too feussie87 && JordanA!

i undersatnd exactly what you are going through but what i tell my friends is "unless you are in my shoes then you wont understand how i feel or what i'm going through......keep your head up...if yall love is strong like i think it is then when he comes back they will all be looking stay strong remember they are the ones missing,and navy love is the best love

seriously i realize in high school leaving your friends might seem like the end of the world but it really isnt! (im not trying to be bitchy) **** them... all of them... they are not your friends then... i know some of my friends have dated real ******** that i couldnt stand & i would tell them i didnt like him but as long as they were happy i would support them & stand by them. if you friends cant do that then they are not worth your time!

its really hard to try and explain it to friends who arent going through the same situation because they truly have no idea what its like. i have one friend who totally supports me and the others are like...yeah whatever..i mean they dont tell me to leave him but they arent all happy lol. im not exactly sure what to tell them because no matter what you say, they wont understand. i would just try to sit down and say, michael and i really love each other and what we have is something special. i support him in what he does just as he supports me in the things i do. yeah the distance is hard and might not make sense to you but it makes complete sense to us on why we stay true to each other. being with him isnt stopping me from living my life so i dont have a reason to leave him and i dont want to. i would really like it if you started to support me in my desicion and even if you still dont want to support us then please keep your negativity to not really sure if that would help at all but i gave it my best shot. the most important thing i can tell you and you have to keep in mind is that your friends have absolutely NO idea what its like to love a marine.

Well my friends support the John and I relationship before the Corps, but not as much now. But they have learned not to push my buttons...they learned that over the summer when John was in boot camp. I never stuck up for things before and when i snapped at them for giving me sh!t they straightened up.<br />
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I know its hard but just remember, you are what Michael needs, and you know that and that you have us here to vent to! and keep your eye on the day and graduation day!!

it is really hard to seperate myself fro my friends. I have done it before and it hurts so much. I guess its time to find new friends...maybe. Do you know anyway to maybe explain it better to them?

Oh sweetie I am sooo sorry! I have been through exactly what you are going through! It is horrible and tough and you want to throw up during the process. The only thing that helped me was seperating from those friends who did not support brandon and I! I know it is hard to do, I did it to my best friend of 18 years, but when you know its right, you can turn your back on it just because he is away. And for your so called friend to tell you that you are worthless and he wont want you is just jealous of what the two of you have and you do not need that negativity in your life. It is hard enough to be away from your Marine and then to have to deal with all the unneeded problems that are sooo childish, disrespectful and rude just breaks my heart for you sweetie.<br />
Let me know if you need to chat1

well if they were your friends to begin with they wouldnt say things like that so screw em ditch them, but thats just me