My Life

Well my life is no different from anyone else really. Well maybe lol. I met My Husband at a local family club when he was 17 years old I was 19. I was friends with one of his cousins. We decided to go out that night and got their and his cousin started to talk to his mom and sister which then I started to talk to. Then they mentioned being I was single and he was single we should meet. So they called him up and he came out with one of his friends. He came up to me and said hello my name is Ryan I have to pee and well it made me laugh. So when he came back he grabbed me and we went and danced and he made me smile all night with all the stupid little things he said. Then they told me and his cousin we should go over to his house cause alot of people were their so we did. Well when we got their everyone just looked at me like who is that cause I was in a pink tank top and everyone their were dressed in black lol. So he asked me did I want to go to his room and watch a movie. So we went to his room and started talking and just hit it off great. Then his friends came in and was like so whats going on in here? He told them to get out that we were talking and they were like no she's cool we want to talk to her too. So after awhile he got them out and we started to talk some more. well then it was getting late and he asked so would you like to stay here tonight? and I said well I'm not like that and he said well you have had a couple of drinks do you really need to drive and so I stayed and he slept in the floor and let me have the bed he was so sweet lol. Then the next day was great to we hung out all day and I rode with him to take his friend home. When I went home I gave him my number and he went to his sisters that night and called me lol. Well long story short A week later we were dating a week after that I moved in to his mom's house. 4 months after that I was pregnant. We had our own place our own bills and everything. We have been through some great times and we have been through some really hard times together. We moved back to our own parents houses after having our own place cause of losing jobs. Well after about 2 years he decided it would be a good idea if he joined the military. Well we sat down and talked about it and he was like this is the best for us. So he joined and he asked me to marry him in the walmart parking lot a week later. We got married October 4th 2008. He graduated from parris Island January 16th 2009 and is at MCT right now. It's so hard and their have been times where our son will be asleep and I'll just cry myself to sleep cause I miss him so much. His family didn't like us getting married my family was like its about time lol. We love each other so much and no one in his family understands how we lasted after everything. His mom has tried to break us up a few times where after he got out of boot camp he started to stand up for his new family. He has said nothing and no one will ever tear us apart ever. well that's my story of me and my husband oh yeah our son will be 3 in may. lol

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Yeah I can say i went over board lol. His MOS 6251 right now.