Just got the news that my husband will be deploying in May. Is anyone else expecting to deploy in May?

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Ah that makes sense, I didn't even think of that

We're looking at November right now, but its not definite yet cause they may be sending him to a school in Quantico instead first, then deploying later. Its all really up in the air still until they decide if they're keeping him with the same unit or not<br />
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Do all marine's rotate through units like this? I think ( if I'm not mistaken) that he's already in his second unit and they're talking about sending him to a third with this school thing.... I don't mind at all cause it keeps him state-side but still.... I don't know was just wondering.....

my husband deploys in September and ever since he told me that is all i can think about i will be laying in bed watching him sleep and i just start crying like i married him and i knew that you know this would b happening it still sucks majorly

Nope but mine left a month ago

sorry. husband left a few months ago.