QUEL??!!!! (lots of Cuss Words In This One...)

my ******* phone (******* verizon) just sent me a text (that came up on Id as from andrew) so that go my hopes up for a brief second..until I opened it......and it sayed:
"Delivery has timed out for this text message. Message erased"

what?? are you saying....that you are JUST now sending me this when the last text I sent him was three months ago????
wtf. talk about running a little behind.

Sorry. that just like, randomly made me fly off the handle.
****. I need a drink....

jolenemarie jolenemarie
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Yeah, Verizon runs all these adds about how great they are, and they can't get a simple text out. PATHETIC!!! Let's punch that guy with the glasses in the nose! Give me a break!

ahh i get those too, but geeze that was from 3 months ago! wow!!