Sry Its Been a While...

Ladies i am so sorry it has been forever since i last have been on well like i told ya'll i was moving to NC to camp lejeune well i am here i have been here for about 3 weeks and it has been amazing and rough to get started in a new home with buying furniture and things.. thank the lord for taxes lol...but we just got internet yesterday thank goodness for that one too.. i have been so darn bored. but we are all moved in and i have one friend here which i actually met her on here and i love her to death me and my husband always hang out with her and her husband they are amazing couple.. thank you EP.. i miss this site when i was back at home this site helped me alot..


but ne ways well Logan gets deployed in early October and like they are having him do all kinds of training and he is out in the field alot and begining of March he will be out of state every two weeks then home training another two weeks and then the whole mnhth of June he will be gone to cali which sucks so i am trying to find a job asap so i can stay busy and get extra cash in my pocket mainly to keep me busy but we only have one car and its hard to get the same hours you know...


so totally random lol but i am listening to music and Just A Dream just came on by Carrie Underwood and i hate this song...

im so terrified of him leaving kills me at night like since he told me he was deploying i just look at him and i want to cry and yes i am so so lucky to have him here with me now and i will have him for the 6 mnths till he leaves but like its so effin hard i try to make every second i have with him the best because i know sooner than later that time will be here and prolly way faster than i thought it would be..which really sucks.. but i love him so much


sorry about me just talking happy then venting ...just have no one to talk to lol and i just let it all out..


well hope all you ladies are having a great day..



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My husband is suposed to deploy in oct to afgahn too.I live out in town cause he's stationed in lejune too.but if u need anything.some one to talk to or anything at all my email is

yea i understand that and he is goin to afghanistan.. for 7 mnths supposed to be you know how the marine corp works..