Bwhahaha!!! I Feel All...scandelous ;) *UPDATED*

I got my preview photos from the sexyyyy photos I took earlier this month!!!'s gonna miss me even more when he gets an eyeful of these ;) 

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jolenemarie jolenemarie
18-21, F
10 Responses Feb 26, 2009

OMG JOLENE GIRL!! YOU ARE GIVING ME A COMPLEX!! lol...but yea i am thoroughly confused with what u posted as an address...nothing is working for me...

omg just reading this post and the comments made my day!! i love you ladies!!....Jolene...PS....POST EM!!

damn...ok.....not going to be able to...sorry ladies!!!

lol!!! i'm trying to get at least one up!!!! I have class to get to soon!!!

ok wait...what code do I use from imageshack??? due to some time constraints. you lovely ladies are going to have to wait till sunday to see the photos.....<br />

ah! you are a genius :)

LOL!!!!! ahh....the pressure!!!<br />
ah...ok :) sure. why not. <br />
question she emailed me the proof sheets from which I am to pick out any that I want in the book i'm making for him......<br />
and i'm not gonna lie, there are quite a few in the proof sheets that SUCK. like, oh lord no one can see this its so bad.<br />
<br />
but anyway. I dont really care. so let me figure out how to insert a pdf file or something....

ok i thnk you should post them<br />
and i was tellin my husband that some girls do that on here and i thnk i want to do them for him...i wonder who could take them...

i agree post