Nothing to Do With Marines

i finally got to see phils daughter!

its crazy that after seeing me only 2 times she is so comfortable around me... shes all smiles all the time... sooo cute!!! and even reaches for me to pick her up and take her from phils mom....and carly i think is starting to grow up a little even though she wasnt there she knew that i was going to be seeing the baby and from the sounds of it she was fine with it... THANK GOD!!

just thought i would share!


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I totally understand the nervousness you feel with that one. My ex marine's daughter fell in love with me right off the bat. He so loved that fact because she had never done that one before. Now since he and I are not together anymore the guy I am seeing now has a 12 year old son and he and I are best buddies. But, amanda and I are thinking he is forming a crush on me..LOL! It is great that the mom is being an adult about it. When you get along with the kid is a HUGE bonus to the relationship. Enjoy all the loving you will be receiving. Kids are amazing!

im so glad to hear this...and props to carly for not making it a big deal either...

im glad things are working out for the best

thanks girsl<br />
she is growning on me!