Pregnant Without Him? Anyone?

I'm not saying I'm pregnant I am curious to know if anyone has gone throu a pregnancy without there spouse "significant other" there? And maybe making it home right before the birth?

myagracie myagracie
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

my uncle got a couple weeks to be his newborn daughter...he was supposed to deploy to iraq after his family visit but right at the end of his lil vacation he got in a helicopter training accident...he is an army pilot and the chopper crashed in training and he got a lil screwed up...everyone lived though so thats good!! and now he doesnt have to deploy and he gets to be with his newborn daughter here in the states.

no i know a few people that have gone threw it alone tho. but there men were not alowed to come home because they were deployed.... but all of them did it fine on there own...<BR><BR>larrissa on here is still doing it she is the most recent girl i know going threw it