Dating a Marine

 well adam and i have been friends for like 3 years and we started dating. We love each other a lot and we're gonna get married before he reenlists. I have a son. Of course he's someone elses though. The father right now i think is in iraq but idk cuz he wont talk to me. He's never even seen him. But adam being the good friend and boyfriend that he is, is willing to be there for us both. We have that forever kinda love that you don't often find these days but because we've such good friends for so long it works. Right now he is in Cherry Point NC. He comes home to visit as often as he can. He's even gonna take leave for my birthday this year. well that's pretty much my story... btw just so everyone knows.. him and i aren't planing on getting married for a while... we're waiting for about 3-4 years and if we're still together then, then we'll get married but if not then it's been the best time of my life.... with him!

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