Jesse and I

Well, Jesse and I have known eachother a little over 7 months now. Hes the greatest! I met him when I was a manager at burger king before I came to college. I was working in the drive thru that day because we were short handed and Jesse came thru the drive thru. He ordered a large drink and then when he came around to the window, he gave me his military id. I asked him what it was for, and he said, his discount. (We give discounts to military). So, me being frustatrated, I yelled at him and asked him why he needed a discount for a drink, he exclaimed to me the more money he saved up, the more dates he could take me on, so then, i gave him his drink for free, and got him number. It was soo cute. He was passing thru on his way to Chicago for leave. It was hard getting to know eachother when we're hundreds of miles away, but we did it, then he came to my house this xmas and met my family, and then i went back to lejeune with him for new years, and he proposed, and now, a week from today i will be with him and getting married. Yay!

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LOL... you are sooo right, LOL. i dont remember his mos, but i think it was like 3404, something close to that. he works in the fiscal dept. he has the easiest job in the world. LOL. hey! SDIhardCORPSlove... did you ever think about getting a job on base or what? i will be moving to wherever he will be stationed next probably in about a year after school and all, and was thinking about working in the law offices on base as a civilian, since there is nothing to really do outside or close to the bases, do you think that is just too territorial? i dont know if i want to work that close to him, you know? what do you think?

yea, we move fast and yea we hung out before then, but, people have their own opinions about it, but at the end of the day, its our decision