Ok .. I Have a Rant ...

to all you women that let your man treat you like **** .. whether it be saying mean things, or not giving you the respect you deserve, whatever .. AND YOU BLAME IT ON HIM BEING A ******* MARINE ... that is absolute bullshit ... if a man treats you bad you leave .. period. I dont care what his occupation is.

Hanging up in your face, telling you to **** off, ignoring you to play the ps3, all of that is bullshit ... and you wanna sit there and say "oh its because hes a marine, they have stressful jobs" do you reazlie, that the NUMBER 1 thing a women whos husband BEATS HER says? "oh he has a lot of stress at work" trust me, i know, ive done a lot of volunteering at womens shelters ...

YOU LADIES, that let your man get away with bullshit, and blame it on the USMC are the reason we get random people coming in here posting "all your men are going to beat you one day" you ladies give us all a bad name ...

hes not stressed from work, hes not TESTING you, hes not scared .. hes a ******* marine, you think hes scared???? hellooo hes got another ***** hes ******* out where hes stationed and YOU are getting on his nerves, thats classic cheater behavior ... WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FOLGERS (as nat would say) and as i would say REACH DOWN AND GRAB A PAIR *****, GRAB THOSE OVARIES, GROW SOME BACK BONE, AND DONT EVER SETTLE FOR LESS THAN WHAT YOU DESERVE.

The only exception i would give to this are the men who are deployed, they go through a lot, and who knows whats going on with them .. aside from that ... yea, wake the **** up ***** and find yourself a man thats gonna do you right,

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6 Responses Feb 27, 2009

You guys are funny.....love you all!<br />
Remember i sent the best FU email of my life to a Gunnery Sgt and when he responded i questioned his maturity level. Man i hate it when you have to ask them if they need a sippy cup or a bottle because you are questioning their maturity level at the moment. Its funny but when you do ask a man that they tend to get their head out of their ***.

come on now somewhere women have to draw a line... & just admit his an *** hole & i should of known it awhile ago but "im in love" & "he will change back" no that doesnt happen... just charge it to the game & keep moving

it like me saying that my drug dealer ex only hit me because he was stressed out from being on his hustle everyday!

i tried to say this in a nice way in my hes just not that into you story but people missed the point! they were just like yeah that was a great movie! urghh

THANK YOU!!!! i cant stand when they use him being a marine as an excuse! some peoples stories i just want to be like well he is prob. acting like that because he is ******* someone else... but i have been trying to be nice lol