You Guys Are Going to Laugh and Thought This Would Help

OK i get into odd conversations sometimes.  But i thought I would share this with my fellow sisters.  This thing made me laugh my butt off that I even got kicked out of my own office.  Anyway I hope no one finds it offensive but it comes from a Marine and the visual I got was priceless.  Thought for those of you that are down and missing your guy this might make you giggle.

sh**ing yourself at work...  When I was in charge of the Recruiting station in Atlantic City, I had to deal with alot of military brass showing up unannounced at my office because they liked to have conventions in A.C.  Well, one day I was sicker than a dog - I think it was honest to God food poisoning.  Either that or E-coli- I don;t know.  Anyway, I was in full dress blues and had just come in the door from meeting with some parents.  As I sit down at the desk, it hits me like a tidal wave.  Instant cold sweats.  Cramping.  I thought I was going to pass out.  The same time I realize it;s gonna be a bad day, my phone rings and caller id says its my commanding officer.  I had to answer.  So I'm standing there with my legs crossed, one hand on my *** trying to make it through this call.  The Major just keeps going on and on and on.  20 F**KING MINUTES LATER, I finally hang up.  I take one go**amned step towards the bathroom and my *** let loose.  Thankfully the guys working for me were out doing interviews..because I had to throw those pants away. My other uniforms were still in the cleaners and it was too late to pick them up.  So, I put on the comfy joggin suit that said USMC on it and went back to work at my desk.  Half hour later, one of my supervisors from headquarters decided to make a surprise visit.  Guess who got written up for not being in uniform?  I even pulled those ****** pants out of the dumpster and the b***ard STILL wrote me up.  That's my s**t story. 

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

haha that was great!!!!

oh wow!!!!

OH I know. I was dying in laughter. We have all had something happen like that in one way or another. But, he being a Marine and all that good stuff just made his little story and little better than us little old civilians story. Its a good one to read when you are having a bad day.