I Hope I Get the Call 2mrw.. If Not I Can't Wait to Talk to Him On Sunday!!

this week has been the biggest roller coaster of them all.. i miss him more then ever this week.. I took 5 test this week and passed all 5.. i can't wait to tell him.. i found out about an apartment and hopefully i'll know soon enough if he wants to get it and if we get approved.. i hope we do.. cuz I NEED OUT OF THIS TOWN.. between the drama and his mom and everyone always putting in there two sense I  NEED TO RUN AWAY.. i graduate from school in 3 weeks.. and i'm so ready to be done.. wish me good luck i got to take my 17 test in a week.. ughh.... less then a month till i see him tho

pfcsydowswife pfcsydowswife
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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

=] =] i hope you get approved girlie!!!! =] and soon enough you wont have to worry other people putting their 2 cents in.