Lets All Say a Prayer For Them

recently a bunch of marines deployed to afganistan, im guessing theyre the ones that obama was talking about in his address .. Brandon helped transport them and their gear to the place where they send off from ...

lets all take a second to say a prayer for them, it only takes a moment ... idk about yall, im not going to tell you what to pray for, but ill be praying that they are safe, sucessfull, and that they help bring peace, security, more love, happiness and empathy to our world. Ill also be praying that the families stay strong, and make it through this deployment well.

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

i think thats a great idea Kali.<br />
its important to pray and ask God to watch over not only OUR men but all the troops that will be deploying to Afghanistand and that are [currently] in Iraq.

Of course I will.<br />
<br />
This past 9/11 anniversary my school forgot to take a moment of silence...my jaw hit the floor and went to the main office and asked them wht was up.

k will do :)