How We Met

Matt and I met about a year ago! I was waitressing and he came in with his parents... his parents couldnt get over how much i smiled... they kept telling me i was so cute, looked athletic, and i would be perfect for their son! (bc he was a marine)... So i blushed a little more... then after their food came... his dad came up to the counter and asked for another side of something... and then said "my son didnt want me to come up here and ask but i couldnt help it, can he get your number?" i of course said yes and i attached it to their bill... after his parents walked out the door... he walked up to the counter and said "i didnt want my dad to come up here... i wanted to ask you myself... but here is my number too... ill be callin you soon! (wink)" i couldnt stop smiling for the rest of the night! We talked for months... we clicked immediately! he came home for Easter and we hung out... but he was leaving in May for Iraq... we had agreed that we would keep in touch and talk and text as much as we could! I was so happy... but it sucked that i didnt get to see him much, and i was so nervous with him over there! it drove me crazy! August came and i left for school... only about 20 min from his parents house... we still talked and texted as much as we could! we went through some rought times bc i wasnt sure what i wanted... i didnt know if i wanted to be with him and wait for him or if i wanted to date other guys and see what happened when he came home... well we agreed that i would try to date other guys for awhile but it didnt last long! all i could think about was matt! i missed him so much... we had started telling each other we loved each other after only knowing each other for a few months... but i was already convinced that no matter what i would always love him! Thats when i knew i didnt want to ever be with anyone else... my family and friends think im crazy for being with him... matt and i havent been together long... but im willing to wait for him as long as i have to! he has my heart! i only hope that we are together for a really long time... i am here for him and i support him 110%! I want to be the one he comes home to... the one he can trust to be here for him!

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when matt gets out of the marines he wants a degree in criminal law.... he has already started taking a few classes on base...

i go to southeast missouri state university im studying to be a highschool math teacher....<br />
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take advantage of that week! i sure did before matt left for iraq!

he is in virginia! and he will be home home for a month in april and then goes to camp lejeune... <br />
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yeah i got in a big fight with my best friend and roommate last weekend and i was on the phone with him and asked him if he would call his parents and ask them if i could stay there for the night bc i really didnt want to stay in my own room... my parents live an hour and a half away... his parents live 20 min... and it was 11:30 at night! his mom was totally like yeah she can stay here any time she needs to! and they cook me breakfast and take care of me! i love his parents! i really need to just post more things about him and his parents and about what we have been through! but i spend most of my time trying to post on other girls things and trying to help them out... <br />
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where is your man?

thanks! yeah his dad still gives him **** about it... and i spend a lot of time with his family because they are only 20 min away and matt wants me to spend time with them since he cant... he says at least they have one of us around... and his parents are so sweet!

oh and im kayla!

thanks girls! im glad i have finally found people who know what im goin through...

awww i love your story!!<br />
welcome to the site girlfriend!<br />
XOX<br />

haha...<br />
join the club kid

aww that is so cute and sweet