We Werent Crazy!

Im lex and i have fallen in love with a US Marine. we stared out as friends and we talked once in a while, we were in baseball and softball together during high school and he texted me one day and said "are you okay?" thats how it all started. He was my best friend for so long, we hung out EVERY SINGLE DAY in the summer and never once did we get sick of each other, we started dating and hes perfect. i cant explain our whole story to you because its much to long and its "our story" but i will tell you that i love him with my whole heart, but summer ended and he left for boot camp, we wrote letters and i lived off them, they got me through the days. He finally came home and the moth he was here was great. but once again he had to leave again, doing his duty. he left for North Carolina and saying good bye at the air port was so hard. he's still there and at night i cry wishing i could see him or even just talk to him. im going to visit him in a few days before he leaves for hawaii. yeah.. he just recently got orders hes leaving to hawaii when he was suppost to stay in NC. i graduate from high school in may and have been trying to accomidate my college arrangements to where ever he is at, but hawaii is a big stretch and now its a test of our love to see if we'll be alright, i know we will because i have faith in God and know he's my one and only, being the girlfriend of a US marine is hard and alot of work but its so much better knowing ur man is coming home for you! so now were left with another battle of distance but distance makes the heart grow fonder, so i keep believing and pray we'll be together again soon


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hiii lex:] welcome to the site!<br />
your gonne love it here:]<br />
message me if ya wanna talk!<br />
p.s> im guessing your username is from the song "we werent crazy" by Josh Gracin....i LOVE that song!!<br />

i love your story! and if you 2 both believe it will work... then it will! im currently in college and my man is in virginia... coming home for a month in april... but he will go to north carolina after that... we havent really decided what we will be doin as far as me and college... but i am currently stayin close to home so i can at least spend time with his parents even though he cant... once i graduate or even in a year or so... we will talk about me moving closer to him... but i hope everything works out for you! im kayla btw so if u need anything let me know!