Ok So Here It Goes..

last night i get a call from my husband which wakes me up from a dead sleep my i add. and he tells me they made it back to the squad bay back ok from the mountains.. which made me happy but he decided to tell me he had something to tell me but he didn't have time to tell me then he was like oh wait never mind it's one of those things you don't want me to tell you.. Well needless to say after that 8 min. phone call i had a hard time going back to sleep.. i finally fall asleep at 3 am and woke up at 6.. just start to nod back off and get a text from my husband on his buddies phone says i love you sweetie wake up i'm going to call in like a half an hour text me so i kno ur up.. i do.. he finally calls and i asked him the question that has been bothering me.. cuz i had a bad feeling on wesnday that something had happend to my husband.. and then he tells me well dear it's not so bad.. when wesnday night when we were doing night shooting the one guy wasn't paying attention and ****** up.. and he shot his gun. (all  i could think is OMG HE GOT SHOT?!) and he's like the gun went off and the shell case flew went right into his flak jacket burnt his neck really bad. he couldn't really take care of it to to much cuz they were sleeping outside.. i felt so bad when he sent me the picture.. i cried even and was so upset that they wouldn't of even let him call me.. come on when he gets hurt I SHOULD KNOW!! am i right? and his mom says all this stuff to be and is nothing but a jerk to me. and then lies to him and turns the story around.. well she can just go some where cuz i'm sick of her!!!!! And i need all the pray's i can cuz 2mrw i send out the application for the apartment for me to move out to NC to live with brandon in like 25 days so pls. pray for me that i get it.. it would mean alot if i get it.. cuz i think it might be what i need to get out of this town and live with my husband

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when my boyfriend was in bootcamp the same thing happend to him... now he has this nasty scar on his back... and it still bothers him some times because the burn was sooo deep! and that was almost a year ago!

yup...thats what he told me too...

oh **** wtf? amanda i didnt know that?! <br />
<br />
my marine fell out off the back of a 7 ton truck and got beat up by these other marines when they were doing Viper and he told me that day...hmmm thats wierd...

what's the deal with his mom??<br />
does she just not like you??

yes it was my husband's flak jacket my husband got burned

awww yea shells do burn...especially if they get stuck inside the flak...i still have a burn on my arm from my rifle shells...they rolled down the table i was shooting at and hit my arm real quick...it feels like when you light a cigarette and burn your thumb with the lighter...lol...just bigger area coverage...<br />
<br />
your in my prayers hun;-)