Stupid Phone

Ok ladies so this is totally random but i hate my phone!!!  Its a stupid Sony Ericcson Walkman w580i and I can not figure out for the life of me how to open this f****** phone!! I was trying to take the back cover off so i can take my sim card out so i can put it in daejuans phone so i can use his cuz this phone sucks...BUT...I can't even get the back cover off.  i have tried using a credit card, a penny, broke 3 of my nails, a pen, hair pin, and even tried hitting it on the wall on its side to see if it might loosen up, but NOTHING!!! its like effin super glued ...ive been trying for like 2 hours now and it wont budge...

Any suggestions ladies?

Here is a link so you can see the phone and maybe get an idea as to how i can get the cover off




KimmyKakes KimmyKakes
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5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I know. I hated that

well i would have a phone, daejuans but who knows if the cover will even come off when i step on it haha its like glued on

lol yeah i would step on it but then i would have no phone <br />
i have been sliding with A LOT OF FORCE and it wont even budge a cm...i dont know why it wont budge

I had that phone. You have to slide the back off with a bit of force. lol

lol and im not the only one who has this problem, ive just read several reviews and a lot of people have the same problem and cant take the cover off