Today Show Video: Girl Swallows Engagment Ring!! Haha

so this was on the Today show this a.m and i thought you ladies might find this funny:]

this guy was gonna propose to his girlfriend by putting the ring in her milkshake BUT she drank all of it...including the ring!! they have x-ray pictures and the video of her drinking it! its kinda funny hahaha

alwaysfaithful1234 alwaysfaithful1234
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

haha! paige and I just watched that and cracked up!<br />
that was really cute though!! those pictures w/ the x ray and the fiber one!!!! hahahaha

lol how embarrising

HAHAHA!!! <br />
Wow.<br />
Donald put mine in a glass with white wine so I could actually SEE IT!!!!!!!!! <br />
<br />

yeah haha but i was like... why wouldnt he stop her when she got close to the end!! did you see her woof that thing down too? haha glad it wasnt me!! :]