Are there any Marine Corps wives, or fiancé's on here. I have a question about going to live with him after SOI. We're married and I want to live with him off base. Where ever his duty station is. Please respond if you have any experience or advice on this thanks!
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Yes, he is given 10 days(or some number of days) to go house hunting. In my experience, I usually do the house hunting for him weeks in advance because 10 days is not enough time for me. You will start collecting BAH for the city he is stationed in (not the city you live in). Because for instance, the base bah may be 1200/month and you decide to live 45 minutes from the base because its a more trendy neighborhood but rent is usuallly like 1400/month (not smart in my humble opinion try to live as close as possible). Well either way your BAH is based on where his duty station is so be smart with your money. When we were in Lejeuene, I believe bah was around like 1000 bucks and we found a nice 1 bd apt for 550 a month so we could use the rest of the money to pocket (pay electric, water, cable etc.).

Living on base has its pros as well though, for instance if a lightbulb goes out you contact the base and they give you a new one, also you never pay for electric, or water pretty much your house is completely taken care of.

Use check pet policies if you have a dog, and just make sure you are pretty close to the base, base traffic is nothing to play with and its pretty important to be nearby.