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ok i dont usually just post random stories updating yall, and ive been too busy talking **** when im on to really share any stories about me and my world. So here it is.

1st - After 3.5 years in the marine corps, brandon is picking up Pfc today lmaooooo .. its just Pfc but its probably the promotion im most proud of. For those that dont know he was a Cpl bout to pick up Sgt at the beginning of summer 08 and by the end of summer he had 2 NJP's under his belt, was a Pvt, and had a 2nd Lt that was on a mission to have him kicked out. It wasnt right, he was dealt a bad hand (for the most part), but he sucked it up, handled his biz and refused to let her kick him out. Im soooooo proud of him. He really turned around and was more grown than many 30-40 year old men i know. Today will be his last time he gets pinned on in the marine corps. His roommate demanded he celebrate on sat. but brandon is such a light weight nowadays, the last time he drank was christmas with me and his fam. they started @ 2pm and by 5 he was OUT. .. he woke up around 9pm with a huge hangover lmaooo Anyway, im really proud of him today. It represents a HUGE victory to me, he overcame a lot.

2nd - It seems the closer we come to the day were getting married, the more i freak out and worry about us and if this is the right move, and if we really have what it takes to make a marriage work. Brandon is the heart of our relationship, he feels that if we both are so in love with each other like we are, and were both committed and not cheating, etc that love is all we need, and we will make it. Me, im the brains of the operation :P im the thinker/planner/over-analyzer, and try to tell him that it takes so much more than that to make a marriage work, like communication, etc. And our relationship could use some work in those depts, and i worry that the fact that he doesnt really get that, well he gets it, but its not a big thing to him. Anyway, Ive just been freaking out .. weve broken up a few times, i made him take a few weeks and decide for sure if this is what he wants, he hated it, didnt wanna do it at all, but he did and of course decided the same thing he already had, that this is what he wants. I worry because hes so young, and i feel like as the older more experienced person its on me to make sure were not making a mistake, and a lot of that comes from his family.. whatever anyway, for me im here and not going anywhere, if we get married and dont make it, he will have established a  career out here far from his family, and Taylah will have grown even more attached to him ... idk, ive just been freaking out. He tells me that he wants us to be happy and live the rest of our lives together, and have a happy family and successful marriage that lasts for ever, he wants that more than hes ever wanted anything in life, and i feel the same way, i love him so much .. blah ...

Those are really my main 2 things right now ... Taylah is doing SOOO GOOD in school (shes in pre-k at the elementary school) Im dying to get her in extracurricular activities (Karate, and sports) shes right at that age, but we gotta wait. School is great for me too .. im behind on some homework, but i have you ladies to blame for that ;P i wish my homework wasnt online, i find it so easy to drift over here and check on things lol .. anyway, HAPPY MONDAY LADIES!! hope yall have a great week!


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Anytime you need advice just send me an email. Seen and heard it all before regarding weddings and ceremonies. OH and i have also had to deal with countless family, mother, step mother and you name it issues.

so like most of you know already... i know like nothin about what actually goes on with the marines... so "pinned" what the hell is that??? and my parents divoreced when i was little but my dad remarried when i was 11 and my mom when i was 14... they had their big wedding first but their second wedding was small... i mean my mom always wanted to get married on the beach so when we were in florida on a family trip (mom, stepdad, his 4 kids, my brother, me, and my stepdads friends and his 2 daughters) my mo and stepdad decided to get married... we planned an entire wedding in 2 days and they spent $1000... it was and "out of nowhere" wedding... but the reception was HUGE! and in our backyard! they spent very little money and it was the best wedding i have ever been too! (plus my mom made me the maid of honor ;)

I am a director of Catering at a Country Club and have been responsible for planning weddings, golf outings, conference and anything else you can think of. I have seen it all. I stopped counting how many weddings and or ceremonies i have been in charge of after 400. It has got to be like 600 or something now. I love it when the weddings are smaller and more intimate. There are tons of way to make things more affordable and intimate to the couple. Ask way ladies.<br />
First one 400+ monster wedding......I didnt have to pay for that one...thank god.<br />
Second..Eloped to St lucia....6000.00 total!

The show Bridezillas can be acurate at times.....Trust me! Cake at each table is good ladies but ask the hall who is cutting it because your guests will not cut it correctly and some one wont get a piece. You guys can ask me anything regarding your wedding. Seen it all. Plus I know of alot of more affordable ways of doing things. March is also considered the off season so you will score alot of discounts with people.

You are fine there girl. Just doing the usual. I have seen my brides over the last 11 years even call me up about this stuff. Totally normal. I have learned over the years and after two big d's that it takes the commitment, communication and dedication of the two individuals that are in the relationship to make it work. You will have the wonderful this is awesome days and then the others of what was I thinking. Trust me you will. But you both seem very strong and positive about the relationshop and your future. All the other stuff that comes up you just deal with and figure it out along the way. Open communication in the relationship is the key is what i have learned and listening to the other. Understand the child that one myself with who i am seeing. But, since i have been married twice before and he once before I have turned into the 33 year old that doesnt need the paper. He is the same way. I am just not even close to wanting to take that step again. Last divorce was a nightmare. You will be fine!

oh kali i didnt even know that he was only gonna be 22! but hey i dont think age matters AT ALL..if he treats you good, and is great with Taylah then you 3 will be fine!! :]

congrats on the pormotion! matt is supposed to be getting one soon... he is excited about it... but our communication is still a little off... he doesnt really tell me much... and im an over analyzer in general so i can only imagine how my marriage will be... matt tells me to calm down all the time! and once i really started to actually relax our relationship has gone much much better... but i know things will all workout! for you and me! i love reading your stories! -Kayla

okay so lets see... 1st off im happy that Brandon worked his way back to PFC! haha and that he stayed strong through all that bull **** he went through!<br />
<br />
2nd- i understnad what you mean to an extent.. i mean i dont have a child or anything so i dont TOTALLY understand, but i understand that it must be hard for you with Brandon mostly b.c you have Taylah sounds like your scared that if it doesnt work out, Taylah will be confused and attached[of course you will be attached too]. But honestly, the way youve talked about Brandon, you guys seem like you are strong. REALLY STRONG, and i think you should focus on you guys WORKING out...becasue im sure you two will! <br />
Oh and you said he is younger than you? how much younger? i didnt even know that he was!! haha

Congrats on the promotion! is it de-ja vu for him :p<br />
John has a friend who is on his second tour i might be his first..but he has been in for i would say 2 years...he is still a pvt. I guess he just lost motivation.<br />
<br />
And I think every bride gets cold feet a sister was with her boyfriend for 7 years before they got married and she was nervousss in that hotel room before the ceremony!

oh yea!! thats great that he turned around and started doing things dif!! congrats on the promotion!!<br />
<br />
and i think that every girl over thinks the marrage thing when it gets closer... i know i have and we havent even set a date yet!! it will all work out for you 2!!!