So... matt and i have this relationship with little communication... which i know is pretty normal... but its more than that... i feel so left out... he doesnt tell me anything... like i had to find out from his parents where he is actually stationed... and where he will go when he has to go back... i get so frustrated sometimes... i have no clue what his title is, what he does, or anything like that... so when he comes home in april i have so so many questions for him... i want to know all about his job... or at least as much as he can tell me... i know we havent really been together very long... but i still want to know! i love that he is a marine and my family is constantly asking me where he is and what he does and i have no clue! so girls... how long were you with your man before you found out what he (specifically) did??? how can i get him to tell me more??? we have briefly talked about marriage, but he says he wants that convo to wait til he comes home to talk in person... which is fine with me... but i want to know more! so thanks for the help girls! sill take all the advice i can!

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omg! there is so much to read! this might take all week! lol but thanks... i guess that would have been the common sense thing to do... i just didnt know what to search...

Hey girl google the crap out of the marine corps. That is how i learned alot before i found this site. Military times is awesome too. Just start a reading and then when you run across something that makes you think to yourself what the h*ll does that mean. Fire away at us. That is how we can help explain things to you. Even the E listings can get ya if you dont know anything more than civialian terms. There is also a book to help you with their own "special" language they speak. heck the first time my ex told me the line butt hurt I had to ask. LOL. It is interesting!

ok girls i guess i need to clarify a little more... matt and i have know each other for over a year now... i met him 3 months before he was leaving for iraq... we didnt really get to talk much... and when we did it was only about the little things... its probably partially my fault that i dont know bc i never asked specifics... i dont really know that much about the marines and he knows that... and never really did a good job fo explaining... and havent been officially dating for very long... and he told me when he comes back in april he will have more time to explain everything and talk about things more... but i still want to know more... but thank you for the comments... i have questioned this relationship before bc of the communication thing... and when i told matt that i felt like he was hiding things... he has been much more open about things... but he doesnt just come out and tell me... but he doesnt hide it if i ask... i just dont know HOW or WHAT to ask...

Oh thats good, thanks girlies!

My Marine is at Camp Lejeune now, and his MOS is 0311..yes infantry..but i think it's coolier to use the numbers, but thats just me :p<br />
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Random: But can't you change your MOS? Cause my Marine got 0311 tattoo on his forearm and I said what if it changes, haha. Is there a MOS thats 0811? hahah.<br />
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Maybe the communication problem is a chance to grow, or to move on. I mean obviously he has to start talking in order for your relationship to grow...but maybe now is a good time to reflect on your relationship.

think of it this way..<br />
why the hell WOULDN'T he tell you?<br />
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and yall are talking about getting married?

well i sent him a valentines card and he said to put Cpl Hix on it... so i guess i do know that much... but i really want to know more! but he just sent me a text back and said he hasnt made up his mind about the re-enlistment... so idk what is goin on there... his birthday is july 5th... and he is goin to camp lejeune in may... he is in virginia right now... and he said his MOS is 0311... what does that mean??? thanks girls! you all are so much help!

Agree with masky there. You have to know something even something little. That makes me nervous. all of you know how i knew about mine. Said Active Duty Marine..Iraq. I could ask any question and get an answer. Well you all know what i mean...they have to be carefule. But NOTHING is a little fishy. Not that I am saying anything but that is just odd!

heyy girly.. <br />
If I were you I think you need to talk to him and tell him how you feel. I find it alittle strange that he isnt telling you anything about what is going on or ever his job and station. When you are feeling something and arent happy with something in a relationship you need to let them know or it will never be fixed, especially when you are states apart communication is the only thing you can rely on. <br />
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Follow your heart and ask him all the questions you have.. If he doesnt tell u that is were the problem lies

You all have talked about marriage but not what he does for a living? WOW... Ok... Let me put my thinking cap on. Jesse joined when he was 18, and now he is 20 and he is a corporal, but Jesse got promoted early, and now he is getting promoted again in july before he deploys. So, my guess is that your guy is a lance corporal or corporal, but his job, it could totally range. Call him and demand to know what is up!

we have only been officially together for a few months... but we have been talking about "us" for almost a year now... he left for bootcamp 2 days after his 18th birthday... and he will be 22 this july... but none of us have heard what his decision is... we talk on the phone about once a week and we text as much as he can... i just got a web cam bc he said we can talk and he can see me if we talk to there... but when we talk... its not about anything really... and when i ask him questions he always finds a way to answer without actually giving me an answer...

actually he joined when he was 18 and he is 21 18... his mom tells me he doesnt communicate with people like normal people do... he is in virginia right now... and his dad has told me that he is goin to camp lejeune when he leaves again... but i find out more from his parents than him... he got back from iraq (i dont remember where he was exactly) 2 weeks before christmas... and his mom said he is almost done but she doesnt know if he is goin to reenlist or not...