Heyy ladies, How is everyone doing??

I am doing pretty good -- I was so excited today because I have a "snow day" and mondays are usually my worest days at school from 11-3:30 and 6-8:30 (4 classes) AHH KILL ME!!

So I am heading down to Georgia and South Carolina for my boyfriends boot camp graduation next week (graduation is March 13th).  I am kind of nervous to post this because I know alot of you girls are already past boot camp and dont like talking about it (i guess) but I would love to know how your experiences were when you went to Family Day and Graduation.  How was that first moment when you saw your LOVER?  How has he changed?  What did you do on his 10 day leave, anything fun?

Thanks for your advise/experiences girls..  Means alot!

jerzgrl118 jerzgrl118
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Thank you sooo much for your experiences "Mattsprincess" That means alot to me and just made me soo excited... 10 more days!!!<br />
I leave for Savannah in a week from today so it is getting soo close.. I CANT WAIT TO HOLD HIM!! AHHH

I feel ya. I'm really excited and I'm really interested in what to expect. Mine graduates on April 24th. I'm gna bawl my eyes out. I already know that. haha. Well, whatever wr are to expect.. it's gonna be amazinggg! :D

Thanks sooo much!! <br />
I will prob be crying so bad I wont be able to catch my breath ahhhhh i really hope not!!<br />
I am def. scared and I hope things won't be weird and strange... gosh its so close yet going sooo slow...

let me kno how it goes on march 13th. i am kinda in the same boat like you don't know what to expect or do or whatever yea my boyfriend graduation is april 3rd So yea!!