Update =]

So I got to hear from Michael this weekend!  His family and I spent the weekend together at a camp and we compared letters and storied from him.  His mom got a letter right before we left and it was amazing.  The longest one any of us have gotten yet!  It was all about stuff he needed and almost a page was just for me.  He said it was easier to just send the letter that way =P  He is so lazy but it's ok!  Gotta love him!  He said he wants more pictures but I'm not sure what to send him!  haha  I am going to send him a picture of my awesome welts I got from paintballing.  He will be so proud of me =]  One more month until he graduates!  I'm so excited!

For anyone who is a Christian out there just please be praying for all of us.  Especially me because of crouse I injured myself this past weekend.  Nothing major just hurt.

Well love you ladies!

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I'll tell him you say thank you! he'll be glad to hear it I'm sure =]

hi, i was just reading some random stories and came across this 1. i just wanted 2 say thank u 2 michael 4 his service 4 our country. they dont hear that enough. also, ty 2 u and his family 4 ur sacrifices. best wishes 2 both of u.

I didnt really mean that non Christians couldnt pray for them to just putting it out there!

Wow one more month!<br />
Exciting!!<br />
<br />
I miss getting letters, that was the one good thing of boot camp.<br />
<br />
Of course I'll be praying :]