Not That I Agree... But

So you guys know Im not one to get into arguments on here... like ever.. But I couldnt pass it up. Mainly because it took alot of stabs at my relationship..

I def do not agree with SemperFimylove's engagement, not at 15. Nor do i think her boyfriend treats her the way she or any girl should be treated.. But I dont agree that all age difference relationships are doomed...

Most of yall already know that me and travis are 3.5 years apart. Im 17 right now and hes 20, gonna be 21 in a few months. Soo. None of our relationships are perfect. But I dont think a 3/4 year age difference make it all wrong. And i dont think me being under 18 has anything to do with it, Its not like everything will be ok when I turn 18 in a few months... So yeahh... Im no where near ready to get married.. as I've said manyyy manyy times on here.. But yeahhh.. Im not trying to pick a fight.. Its not my issue.. I just wanted to get it out there that not all relationships are the same.. and just because im under 18 doesnt make me any different from the rest of you.. well.. except for the fact that I cant vote. ;)


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6 Responses Mar 2, 2009

You should probably be able to drive before you get married lol........ 15 is WAY too young

lol i didnt even know you were only 17! yes way more mature & you have a very level head! i dont think anyone was talking about you when they were refering to a 15 yr old!<br />
<br />
& im 19 & married & that is very young but i dont feel 19... so all relationships are different

15 and engaged??! dang..i'm 18 now, and kinda engaged to be engaged, but i know, and Cody knows that we are wayyy to young (hes 19 as of last week). And that we Both gotta mature abunch first...15 is still a Baby in the "real" world! thats gonna be a Huge slap when reality hits! lol

nooo wayyy. Were soo not engaged. lol. <br />
Im more of an engaged to be engaged kinda girl. Im not readyy for anything like that.. hell I havnt even done well... "everything" with him.. lol. Not that I havnt thought about it.. Just that I would also feel more comfortable once i was 18.. and I wasnt compromising his job.. but yeah..

i dont think it's that they are 3 years apart..<br />
<br />
it's cause she's fifteen.<br />
<br />
that's what i got.

Oh girl you know it wasnt you I was talkin about. lol <br />
haha. If I had an issue you with Id just let you know straight up. lol.