*gasp* Whyyyyy Has No One Told Me About This???

ok! so im not sure if you ladies are aware of this or not, but apparently there is an organization called OpLove (you can go to their website at www.oplove.org)
anyway. apparently, this is an organization of a bunch of photographers all over the US who DONATE THEIR TIME for military families/spouses/etc to have their pictures taken!!!! FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!

My yoga instructor's friend does this in my area (completely oblivious to it) and she informed me today of it (I had rough day today already lol)

I'm freaking stoked!!!

P.S dont look at the website if your feeling sad and such...it will make you BAWL....like...for real. I cried for an hour straight....
wait...you will prolly cry in general regardless of what mood your in...still LOOK AT IT! FIND THE PHOTOGRAPHER IN YOUR AREA!!!


THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! its so good to see people who are so compassionate and caring about military families.....

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YAY!!! i'm so glad all you girls got a chance to look at it :)<br />
hopefully it can/will be of service to you sometime in the future :)<br />
<br />
I was so surprised that this even existed!!! like, wtf why has no one said anything about this??!! especially for you girls that are around major bases and such .....<br />
ah. i'm just.....thrilled beyond all belief .....

your right about the crying thing!! i cried!!! thats such a good idea and theres a photographer right here in my town!! my dad is deploying at the end of the month so i think im going to call!

ahhhh no freakin wayy!!! oh em gee i gonna go to it now<br />
thanks girlfriend!!! XOX hollie

well this beats me searching for hours trying to find one. thanks girl!<br />
<br />
:joining the rest of the girls!: ;D

lol!!! *snort snort* <br />
apparently i'm not the only one in the dark about this lol