like kali, my man got a promotion yesterday as well. he is now lcpl so were one step closer to the cpl he wants to be when we get married :D ahhh i cant wait to get married!!! were not engaged yet but as some of you know there has been some suspicous behavior going the whole way back to september and then around thanksgiving... if you dont know what im talking about then ask. i just dont feel like putting it all again... haha or better yet, i have a story about it so you can look at that if you wish.

some of you may have seen that my bff ever since 6th grade has finally gotten off her butt and joined ep!!!! shes marinelove08 and i know you ladies are gonna love her =] dont worry alex!!! i still love you!!!! were gonna be boot camp tiwn buddies for life!!!.... the only problem i have is that im the pale white one hahaha.

which reminds me... im def gonna tan tonight hahaha prom is creeping up on me wayyyy to fast!!! im gonna get my dress this weekend, and ill be sure to show you ladies pictures.

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im def gonna be trying on a million and two dresses when i go shopping lol. so who knows what ill end up with but i am sticking to red black and maybe blue. <br />
<br />
if josh cant come then im going with my bestie as well.

that dress is even better than the last one! I guess I just love that kind of cut. So far it seems like Michael wont be at my prom (heading to lejune right before) so I'm going with my bff whose boyfriend is in missouri until he heads to PI this summer.<br />
are you going to go with anyone if Josh cant go?

i like that one too but i think this one girl i know got it already.<br />
<br />
http://www.davidsprom.com/dresses_detail.jsp?i=1991&g=0&p=4&s=6365<br />
<br />
this is another one that i really like, i almost like it better than the first one but i just dont frickin know yet lol. i might have to get tanning more for this one hahahah... oh well.<br />
<br />
i def want something def from my last years prom dress and i would say these two are pretty far from aqua turqoise lol. and of course. they have to go with the blues in case josh is home =]

davids bridal is deffinately the best place to go! that is where I go mine! that will look soooo pretty on you!<br />
<br />
http://www.davidsprom.com/dresses_detail.jsp?i=1943&g=0&p=1&s=6218<br />
<br />
I got that one in the pink =]<br />
<br />
prom is so much fun!

http://www.davidsprom.com/dresses_detail.jsp?i=1951&g=0&p=5&s=6229<br />
<br />
this is what im thinking but im not completely sure yet. i need to try some on =]

thats so great!<br />
I got my prom dress like a month ago! I cant wait to see what you pick out =]<br />
any colors in mind?