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OK some of you know that i plan weddings as one part of my job here at the country club that I work at.  That I would share some of the things I have seen over the last 11 years of doing this.  These are not the teary ones either....

Bride and groom week of the wedding decided they were not going to get married and then they argued over who was going to attend the reception.  Her side or his side due to it already being paid for.....No one showed

A bride on HER wedding day had to hold everything up because that *** she just married was hiding in our coat closet downloading muisc.  When HIS parents finally arrived to the reception, yep missed the ceremony the grooms dad was wearing a basketball jersy outfit and his mother remined me of a hooker with 12 inch heels on.

One bride decided she would sing Karaoke (she was horrible) and told her guests off including her mother and telling everyone what a B**ch she was....I think they figured it out.

One Bride and her sister got into a fist fit and they got kicked out of the reception hall and cops called.  Not going to tell you who won.

One bride almost had a blow up at her reception because big family secret almost came was a close one let me tell ya....the grooms aunt and the brides uncle hooked up a few years back and she got pregnant with his kid and they had twins.  His wife and Her hubby have no clue about that bc her hubby thinks they are his.

One bride's secret got let out on her reception day when her new hubby found out she cheated on him with their DJ at her bach party....DJ was the ********.  Not pretty!

One of my grooms actually took the brides last name.  His family didnt show up to his wedding due to a way something was worded on the invitation.  NO one on his side showed up.  That was sad.

I had to pull a mother of the bride away from the bride because she was being so horrible to her daughter because it was mom's day to shine....I dont think so..and my bride was in tears.

I had one groom tell his wife that once they are married her name will NEVER come before his. ***!

I had one bride and groom get married at the club and their reception was great but the phone call I received that night from them was horrible.  The grooms only sister, who is his twin was just killed in a car accident on the way home from the reception.  She was not driving!

I had one that showed up to her reception so completely hammered she passed out shortly after dinner.

Had another one who's parents were divorced (both remarried) get into a monster scream at each other match right in the hallway before introduction.  That  was fun calming that one down.  All their guests heard!

One bride did her seating chart wrong and the ex in that family got stuck sitting or being close by the ex and they DID NOT get along and I had to seperate them and move them.  Real mature.

Girls I could go on and on with this thing.  But figured for those of you getting married or thinking of it might get a kick out of it.  I have a ton of good ones too, even ones that made me tear up over the years.  OK only two have.  One was the dad made and sang this song about his precious daughter getting married wedding deal and the other was I knew the bride was in remission of cancer and said the most amazing things to her husband and guests.  That one monster got me.

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these made me laugh lol. i sure hope none of that crazy stuff happens to me.<br />
<br />
but that last story got me too... chills and everything