Blonde Moment

hahah i feel like such a loser. over two weeks ago i got paid at my one job and i put the check and some cash in my purse. that weekend i didnt go anywhere at all. then when it came time for me to treck to the back i couldnt find the check anywhere!!! it was driving me crazy... i didnt work my *** off for two weeks for nothing. since i didnt go anywhere i knew the thing had to be at my house somewhere. so today when i got home from school i decided i was gonna look everywhere.. which is something i thought i already did about a million times. well i found the dang check lol. it was under scrapbooking stuff and inside cosmo hahaha. the mag was in my purse that night and i must have taken it out at some point that weekend lol. i just thought i would share my silly story of the day with you ladies.

and i get paid next time i go into both of my jobs so im excited lol.

elkins430 elkins430
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

im naturally blonde holly, dont worry<br />
i just dyed it for winter

dont say "blonde moment" its rude to those of us who are blondes. k thanks