ok.. so i have a picture of my fiance on my pictures thingy on here...

and on the caption i wrote "my grunt"

granted.. he doesnt go to boot camp til july..

but i thought it completely unecessary to for semperfimylove to write..

"well he's not a grunt yet ariel" underneath it..

ok.. he's not yet..

only because they keep moving his date back..

but i didnt think it was treason to refer to my man (who i am EXTREMELY proud of for his decision to go) as a grunt..

the fact that he's going makes him a marine already to me.


i know i'm prolly bitching over nothing..and this is stupid i know..  but (i'll be honest) i dont like that snarky pubescent little girl..


and i'm looking for a reason to not like her more..


and i jsut found it.


how;s that for catty?





arielsinthesky arielsinthesky
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thats crazy.. dont worry about it shes mad because you ladies told her what she needed to hear and she didnt like it and it just shows how immature that she really is.

and the cookies are bomb ***!!

lol thanks...im honored hahaha


LOL i know ive been biting my tongue for the longest and thought it was time LMAO ahhhhaaaahahhahaha

she;s obviously known for being a dumb ******<br />
<br />
wow.. <br />
i'm turning into one of the mean girls.. <br />
<br />
oh well.

i like nats idea...she is just mad cuz well duh...PUBERTY LMAO

i mean.. ok.. she's obviously mad or seomthing.. but a pic comment??<br />
<br />
grow up.