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So I've had my ups and downs with this group, for a while I was like "what kind of support is this? we all just kind of judge people all over the place and there's always someone calling someone out.."

but I've actually dcided I love it. I dont know how much support it is as much as kind of taking our minds off of things, and let's face it this is a group that has got to be filled with strongest women (considering what have to go through what we do in the name of love), and many of us are opinionated and have forceful personalities lol. we are also almost always sexually deprived. it's just kind of a clash, and obveously there will be drama, so I feel like anyone who comes into this group thinking it's going to be rainbow, butterfly, sweet as splenda land should just leave now. Hurt feellings dont really fare well, you've got to be able to "grab those ovaries" (thanks kalli) and stand up for youself..


putting that aside, I feel like I should become a more active member, so I'm turning over a leaf and doing so. :)

a little update from vanessaland-


he leaves the day before paige and I's grad party and two days before graduation. ick. but he'll be home with paige's boyfriend chris which is the first time they'll have seen eachother in like 2 years!! exicting!! I didnt think I was going to see him until either july or august so I'm really hoping he'll actually be able to come home, that would be very nice.


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yeah actually since then he was informed he'll actually be on a MEU so I wont get to see him now. :/

Awesome!!! Hope you guys have fun.

I KNOWWWW!!:):) it's going to come pretty quick too I hope, because I have all these deadlines for senior year, and deadlines always come too soon lol.

yay about Jesse coming home!! May is really coming up thats so awesome. Glad you're back beautiful I need to get more active too....I have just been reading lately haha.

awww girl thats sooo exciting!!!!yayyyy! :]

i don't really have an opinion, for the most part you girls bring me good advice but, idk i understand both good & bad opinions. i'm just not a negative person, i think i'll still stay for those that give the good advice.

aw thank you audrey that gives me warm fuzzies :) and I agree natalie, some of these girls say things that I read and I literally look at my computer screen like WTF? hmm.<br />
<br />
but paige I was actually hoping for a daisey field, but corn will have to do I guess.

hahahah i said something that had to do with rainbows and butterflies today... what a happy day :p<br />
<br />
wootiewoot tootie toot!! i'm sooo happpppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) wowwww 2 years is a while. they'll probably leap towards eachother in slowmo through a field of corn. yay!

lol girl i know what u mean, these damn chicago winters are a killer!!!

HOPEFULLY! we all know how things change, and thank you :) I cannot wait to be done with school!! Plus, these Iowa winters are sucking out my soul I swear.

yay at least u get to see him in may!! congrats on graduation too :)