What Should I Do?

 Hello to everyone on this site this is my 1st blog. Well my boyfriend just joined the marines in december, he is currently at boot camp in SC and writes home often. Im madly in love but i just need help form outside people i don't know so that i wont be judged! We where distant friends for awhile before we started dating, then over about a 3 month period we got close and eventually started dating. He has a 2 year old child and wants to get married. he talked about it often before he left and now writes about it too.  Although I really do want to marry him and I can see myself with him for the rest of my life theirs more to the story. 

he's 19 years old and im 17 (our parents are 100% supportive of our relations) but my parents have all these big dreams of college for me and although I do have plans of furthering my education I just cant picture myself living on a college campus or the so called "college life" so should i just follow my heart or listen to some of my family and just go to to this big university? 


If anyone has been through the same or something similar please feel free to write me. 

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answers: yes I have been accepted to the colleges I applied to. <br />
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& have been doing my research on colleges on or colse to base also. But I dont know what base he will be on because although he thinks 9 time out of 10 he will be at camp Lejeune in NC thats not promised

Hi, from what you shared and the bit of info you gave, I highly suggest you go to school for a year or two and see how your relationship continues. Give it some time, the next few years will have a ton of changes for both of you and then you will understand more what you and to whom you are commiting yourself.

Honestly, i think you should further ur education. If you two are so in love you can wait. Of course it will be hard but i wouldnt want you to not go to school so you can go off and marry him. Of course there are ways you can go to school and be married, maybe a local community college near where ever he is stationed? But remember he may be deployed...<br />
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i have mixed emotions about this. I myself just got married to my Marine and i am doing my college online, (well in the process of starting) but then again im not into the whole school thing big universitys.<br />
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hope this helped, and WELCOME to the group btw