I work at Lowes and normally i am the operator answering telephone calls, "How may i direct your call.. one moment please", but recently someone broke their foot so i offered to trade so the woman could sit instead of help customers check out.

Soo today at work... well actually its been the past few days i've been working the Lumber register, which i hate, its always effin cold. 4 days ago this guy comes in with some older dude. I see him walk back and forth, back and forth staring at me. I tried my darnest to avoid him at all cost but of course he got the balls to come up and talk to me. I forgot his name already but he asked what there was to do around here in "lower slower Delaware' (he said he just moved) so being nice i tried suggesting a few things hoping that is all he wanted and would leave me alone. Then he glanced at my left hand that i purposely placed right in front of him. "Hes like are you engaged?!" and i said "nope im MARRIED, my HUSBAND is in the Marines" (and he would kick ur *** if he knew you were here, i was thinking) He started asking a bunch of questions like "when will he come home blah blah blah." I was like i will probably get to see him next month. So then he left..................

THEN the next day he came back! twice in the same day too, once bc he was supposively working and needed supplies and the second time bc he "needed to see my beautiful face" i laughed and walked away.


AND FINALLYYY, today he came in and talked to me about my husband again and asked more questions, do you miss him? "DUH" What do you do when hes not around? I told him "Honestly nothing bc hes my best friend and husband, im just waiting for him to come home." And then he asks when i get off work and my stupid mouth tells him knowing i knew his next question. which was of course "you wanna hang out?" I of course said NOOOO my husband would not like that too much. (i wanted to say get ur stalker *** away from me, but im nice and i was at work) & he left. Then some of my co-workers asked me if he was bothering me and said they would get rid of him. Some how word got around the store to the store manager(also a retired Marine =] =])  that some creep was stalking me.

So one o'clock rolls around and there he is!!!! i waved at him and smiled and said brb and found my store manager Frank. While i was gone he went outside in his truck and waited for me. Frank asscorted me to my car and when i was in my car and on my way out he went to the stalkers truck and told him his buisness is no longer welcome here. (Which Frank called me and told me this)

Do guys not realize im Married?!!! Im HAPPPYYYYY and want nothing to do with them. Just bc i am young, married and my husband isnt with me doesnt mean i go date other guys while hes gone. Freaking weirdos.

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that's creepy!!! once some romanian creepy thirty year old with a pirate shirt on it was soo gross, it was one of those button down puffy sleeve white shirts... his chest hair was like flailing out and everything. It was soooo sick!!!!! so anyway he came into my old work and stood by the host stand and talked to me and this other girl for a suuuuper long time... we weren't even on a wait.... I couldn't tell him to leave though because he wasn't being mean or anything... he was just creeping me out!!! Just like you're stalker he asked me if I was married!!!!!! I believe I told him I was engaged lol... that made him wander off. creepers.

ges some guys just DO NOT understand.. ive had that happen alot too and its like... listen buddy, im taken and if you dont leace soon ill have my man kick your sorry lonely *** haha

oh crap this guy is glad your ok though...and im glad you have a great manager like Frank!

exactly, id rather be lonley and bored out of my mind than hang out with some creep that doesnt care to know Mike or me bc they just want to get laid.

I completely understand! im also young and everyone I know, Knows that my boyfriend is gone to boot camp so instead of looking for way to support me they look for ways to get close to me and into my pants.. <br />
I will choose being lonely any day before I will cheat with a nobody

its true, where do they all come from?

What a freak. I'm glad your boss was around. i see stuff like this happen often. Men want what they can't have and will pull out any stops to try and get what they want.x