Hey! My Marine is in Schwab, Oki, Japan. I hope to visit him for the holidays in December but we;re trying to get everything sorted out. I already sent in my passport application but i want to know about:

Flights--where to fly too, how much should I expect to pay, and going through customs

Lodging--I found wonderful deals in Camp Hansen but Ryan says that there are Cabins he wants us to stay in. I want to know about rates and such. I also want to be close to stuff

Miscellaneous-- how do we move around? Taxis? What is the Cheapest way to Tokyo? What days should I fly in? I was thinking Dec. 25-Jan 5. Thoughts?

I'm sorry for all the questions I just want to make smart choices.
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Customs in Japan is a breeze. I would only say that traveling on the 25th of december is going to be super expensive.

if hes in okinawa, you should be able to stay on base with him (while technically not allowed you are able to do it) IF I WERE YOU, i'd find a base inn (usually waayyyy cheaper than hotels out on town) not sure if you are married to your marine but base inns and lodgings are definitely a perk, we stayed in the heart of dc for like 30 bucks a night, and then on the beach for 30 bucks a night with an ocean front view.

Thank you for responding! Therebis one at a camp near Schwab (where he is) and it's $20. Did you have trouble getting through customs? Or getting by? Where didbyou fly into?