Support Group

Everyone in here knows how hard loving a Marine is.


My Marine and I have been through some really rough times the last month, mostly because of mistakes that I made.  We are thankfully on the way to recovery though.


I try my hardest to be supportive of his goal to be a lifer, but he has recently chosen to go MSG duty.  The reason this is so scary is the fact that he guards embassy's around the world, what makes it even harder is that for his rank he isn't allowed to be married and go on this tour of duty.  Pretty much, it has totally blown all of our plans out of the water.  So right now I am pretty distraught and lost.  I need a huge support group.  My friends and family are here and they listen. Even hold me while I cry but I know that ya'll truly know how hard this all is. 


I know the basic coping strategies...stay busy, try not to think about it. But if anyone has any suggestions of how to deal with this I will gladly take them. 


I know that some of you are worse off than I am having your Marine in a war zone, but the hurt and fear is the same. 


Semper Fi

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

dreams change when you find the one you love & want to marry... i mean come on i agree he chose this & thats ****** up

i think the problem is that that's a dream of his (i guess)...would you really want to get in the way of YOUR man's dreams?<br />
<br />
granted.. i would be hella pissed too.. but think it's a catch 22..<br />
damned if you do damned if you dont. no matter what one of them has to do the selfish thing.