I was wondering if anyone here would know this question if you do please give some advise.

My marine is in MOS in St. Louis MO, and he got there today and they informed all the marines that just arrived that they would be staying about a month later then they thought they would. This is because the MOS school is so booked. So all the new marines are sleeping on the floors, and are stuck without lockers, until the other marines are moved out. Anyway the question is--We thought he was going to be done with MOS by the middle of may and he's not going to be. We have our wedding payed for and scheduled on june 14th. IS HE GOING TO BE ABLE TO TAKE TIME OFF TO GET MARRIED? Im going to be very angry if he doesnt, I just paid a bunch of money for this wedding, and now he might not be able to even coime home.

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See the thing is, we've already moved the wedding date once, and the vendors let us do that because they understood that he was in the military. And then his sgt said that he knew for sure that he would be out of MOS before june so he could come to the wedding. And now we dont know if thats going to happen or not, but there is still a possibility that he might, so I dont want to change the dates and everything and then he ends up comming home.

wedding insurance from who?

wedding insurance from who?