Bad Day.

i got SCREWED out of some major money while filing for FAFSA.. cause my mother is....well.. she's just not nice..



and then..


i pulled a muscle in my BUTT...


OK.. tell me. who pull's an *** muscle?

i cant even bend over.


sorry i'm a whiney wuss today..


but i hate wednesdays.

arielsinthesky arielsinthesky
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4 Responses Mar 4, 2009

oh girl i falll up the stairs all the time...if i dont then it means im not going in the right;-)

haha.. well. what can i say?? it takes talent and i'm just THAT talented.

lol.. i fell up the stairs

i f*cked up my FAFSA last year and never recieved fin aid and/or loans...and my fin aid office has been yankin me around for 5 now in winter quarter i have been dropped from my university and im having a ***** of a time getting back in...and so they said "pay us the $19,000 that you owe and you can come back in and pay for spring quarter too" do your FAFSA ladies...its no joke!! <br />
<br />
sorry for your bad day hun...uh i havent pulled an *** muscle but i pulled a vagina muscle before...hurt like a *****...couldnt have *ahem* "fun" for a