Oplove.org **attention Deployment Girls**

attention EVERYONE actually, but especially girls whose men are deployed, or soon-to-be deployed

jolene posted this, but i know for sure a couple of people that needed to see it missed it, everyone that saw it loved it.

I will be selecting my wedding photographer from the list of people who participate in this, because i want to support a photographer that supports something like his (lets hope its not TOO expensive) thats why i said attention everyone, because you may want to do the same, or you may KNOW someone else who may want to do this ...

its a beautiful site, you may cry...


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1 Response Mar 5, 2009

oh kali i checked out that website too!<br />
i honestly think its great that there are photographers that do this!! there is one or two that are near me and i am def gonna keep them in mind for the future..<br />
Are you gonna book one of the photographers? they would do GREAT pics of you Brandon and Taylah!!