Coraline In 3d

anyone seen it? I think im going to take taylah today ... When i read that it might not be for all kids, that it might creep some kids out, i knew that it was gonna be perfect for taylah ... she LOVES scary/creepy movies ... the 3D im wary about because she had a bad 3D experience when she was almost 3 ... but shes older now, and shes been BEGGING me to take her to see coraline, and she just got a GREAT report card back, sooooo i think ill be taking her today, when its cheaper ....

but has anyone seen it in 3D? if so is the 3D scary? or just cool?

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2009

ahhhh im so glad you loved it!! was yours in 3D cause mine wasnt =[<br />
but yeah the part with the old ladies is funny but gross right?!! hahaha<br />
glad taylah lovedddddd it!!!

i know!!!!! the movie was good besides that! like the 2 women have hige boobs adn there shoving them in coralines face! and it looks like they have impants cause they look plastic?? like there nipples are even hard!!! hahah me and my friends were cracking up b.c all the parents in the movie theatre were so mad haha

but if she doesnt get scared easily and you dont care about that part that i said... then take her =]

ok kali i saw i and its creepy/wierd like u hear but what i didnt likeis that they show one of the woman chracters in a thong and pretty much naked and she has HUGE boobs and you see them!! that part rly wasnt appropriate for kids but thats the only thing that was eh about it!