Check Out This Playlist...

Hey ladies! I took some time today and put together a playlist for the girls on here using some of the songs everyone has posted. If you get a chance check it out...I tried to put a little bit of everything on there.

Go to (this is a great site where you can listen to any song for free by the way)

type soontobe in the search box

choose "people" from the options on the left, select "soontobe" then "playlists"

its under "USMC ladies" (you can either click the play button from there or click to open the playlist and view all the songs in it)

enjoy...and let me know what you think! :)

<3 hadassah


calalily calalily
7 Responses Mar 5, 2009

i love alot of theses songs, i havent heard alot of the songs before but i had the bands. kudos

Yay! Yay! Yay! took a bit to do so im happy ppl are finding!!

revoke was just being weird for a minute. Thank you for the playlist!

yeah. that search isn't working for me either. I'll try to make an account and see if that works

oh i think i know where you're getting stuck...when you do the search it'll say no results cuz its automatically set to search for "songs" so when it comes up saying no results there should be options on the left like "songs" "playlists" etc. and like the last one is "people" and when you click on the people option "soontobe" should come up where it had said "no results" ...hopefully...

hey did you search for soontobe first?...cause the options where you have to choose "people" don't come up until you hit enter to actually do the search...otherwise im really not sure

hmm...idk why you aren't finding it...i logged out of my account to check and be sure it worked and it did for sorry :( stupid internet!