Questions About Graduation..

So my boyfriend graduates from Boot in 22 days YAEEEEEE!!! =D  but im lost I have no clue what to wear.

is the ceremony formal like the paper he sent home says? because in the pics ive seen online everyones in jeans & tees...

and as far as family day goes do they really make him go back at 3pm? thats gonna drive me crazy, its like there gonna give him to me for a few hour and then steal him back =( 

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20 days! For me and im excited so I can only imagine how you feel! Have fun...

YAY thanks for the advise girls.. My boyfriends graduation is this friday (march 13th).. I CANT WAIT!! just thinkin about it-- i can barely breath. i have been trying to find a cure outfit for the past week and i just dont like anything I see ahhhh.. I cant wait!!

i went to PI in september and i have pics on my myspace that you can look at.<br />
it was hot out so i wore a skirt with my blue shirt for his plt on family day and then a nice dressy casual outfit for graduation.<br />
ooohh and another thing, if your hair frizzes... forget about straigntening it. i tried to for family day but then it just looked like poop with all the humidity lol. so for graduation it was scrunched.<br />
<br />
i can tell how excited you are to go. youre gonna loooveee it!!!!

ya he's in SC also and ok that sound good<br />
thank you

i went in august. it was extremely hot so nobody really cared what you wore. on the first day we wore our yellow shirts and my boyfriends family and I found alot of people wore the customized shirts like us. and yeah on family day he can only hangout until 3.<br />
<br />
if you wanna eat on base you better hurry because the burger place is completely packed, subway usually to. we all went bowling it was kinda fun, then my boyfriend showed us around a little and went in the museum. <br />
ohh btw i went to Parris Island, I'm not sure where your going.<br />
<br />
But have funn. hes going to be different and give him a few hours to realize hes not in boot anymore :)<br />
<br />
good luck

I was always told to Dress Comfy, but nice, cause you will be doing ALOT of Walking, it turned out that i couldnt go to Cody's, but by the pics, his family dressed pretty Normal

Hmm Aaron and I weren't together yet when he was in boot and graduating and all that but his grandma showed me pics from his graduation and from what I can tell its really casual.