Living On Base...?

Okay so I'm living at home with my parents right now while my boyfriend is at SOI, but he wants to get married soon, sometime this year, and have me move to Lejeune with him... What happens when he gets deployed? Do I stay on the base by myself or go home

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

you can stay... i know that all the bases have groups for women with men deployed... they give you someone that goes around to the houses of deployed men just to check on them & stuff! and if you make friends with other wives that have hubbys going at the same time it makes it easier too... <br />
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the way i see it is its going to suck either way when they leave but i think it would be easier surrounding yourself with people that understand. because my friends back home dont & they will only want me to drink to deal with & thats not whats best for that situation<br />
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but thats just some ideas

Oh wow thanks, I had no idea! Well off base would be better right because that way I could move back home easy if he got deployed. Thanks for the info