WHAT the **** Was She Thinking!?!?

i just got off the phone with phil... and we were talking about baby Audri and how she is at his moms house again (for the 3 weekend in a row). and i told him that for the past month she hasnt been with carly at all she has been at carlys older sisters house and coming up here on the weekends and thats when he told me this:

carlys thinking about giving the baby to her sister because she cant handle it anymore.    -now to me im thinking well at least she is being smart about it... a little.

then he said this... and it set me off my jaw it the floor! keep in mind Auri just turned 7 months on the 3rd!! SHE LEAVE THE BABY AT HOME ALONE ON THE WEEKEND WHEN SHE GOES TO WORK IF SHE CANT FIND SOMEONE TO WATCH HER!! A BABY AT HOME!!!!!!! BY ITS SELF!!!! WHAT THE ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! carly works full time at 2 jobs so its like all day. 

kali or even any mom im sure you could back me up on this one... you would never ever leave you daughter home ALONE even now that she a todler! let alone when she was only months old!!

and Carly is bring around her ex boyfrined that is abusive and hits carly... he doesnt need to be around that baby at all!!!!!!!!!!!

so phil told her to give her to her sister so that she can have a good life because carly doesnt deserive her..and also told her that she should have thought about being a mom before she had her and gave her up for adoption if she couldnt handle it.


wow im just i dont even know what to say... she just keeps ******* up!


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Omg trhats so sad it reminds me of my boyfriends baby mama. <br />

and we will all still get to see her!

so my comment just got deleted..<br />
but in a nutshell i think that this crazy ***** is trying to get more money out of phil...<br />
<br />
telling him that she cant afford daycare... and that she leaves the baby alone...<br />
<br />
you never know.. its a possibility..<br />
thats really good for the baby though... the fact that her auntie will care and nurture her while here daddy gets back =]


JUMP THE DUMBA** !!! anyone who does that and just neglects a child needs to get beat!!!!

and for him not knowing the fisrt thing about babies... hes the baby of his family so he has never been around them really...he just learnd how to change a diapar in october.

i dont know about carly... i dont talk to her... but phil is! yeah i know hes not ready to be a father... hes young. and if it wasnt for the marines he would be taking custody of her and me and him would raise her... but he wants her to go to someone in the family so he can still see her when he comes home.

her sister is going to adopt her... and her sister is the one that said she wanted to... she brought it up.

yeah i agree... and the messed up part is that she is just following in her mothers footsteps...

yeah!! im no where near ready to be a mommy... i just turned 21 yesterday... i have my whole life ahead of me and i want to plan on having kids when its best for me and them

yeah and hes still going to pay child support hes just going to send it to her sister not her.

yeah... and he doesnt want the baby to have to grow up in day care.. he wants someone that he knows and the baby knows to raise her

phil would get custody of her but he dosent know the first thing when it comes to babies thats why he wants her sister to take her for now because she has a house and her own business and a son. and she works from home so she can be there with the baby at all times.

im just suprised that the baby is sooo happy all the time... wouldnt she cry a lot more if she was being left alone?

she has been in a metal inst. because she tried killing her self becuase he told her he didnt want to be with her. and she has faked being prgo so he wouldnt leave too... shes ******* crazy!

i would love to take care of her... but it wouldnt be good for the baby... i work soo few hours.

i would love to take care of her... but it wouldnt be good for the baby... i work soo few hours.

her sister told her that she messed up to many times so she took her...<br />
<br />
but i was talking to my mom and she brought up a good point... carly needs drama in her life... i know its messed up but do you think that she could be just saying this to get more attention from phil? beacuse she has done some extream things to get it from him and i wouldnt put it past her?

the baby isnt with her anymore... can we still do something about it? and if so her last name is Severson and she lives in medford oregon

kali she actually did it!! <br />
<br />
and her older sister who is doing good for her self and has a son who is 2 now is going to take her from carly. <br />
<br />
i couldnt imagine leaving my baby home alone and i wouldnt be working that much either... i think the reason she work so much is beacuse she is very materialistic and needs name brand everything... all she wears is abercrombie. so she doesnt want to give up that life style. but yeah... i dont know how many times she has done it... but still even once is way to many!!!!

better yet larissa... you would never even think about leaving your baby boy alone at home would you??! <br />
<br />
i just think shes totally ****** up in the head or something!!